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La Formoisie is an outlet for critical theorists and emancipatory voices and visions that are typically underrepresented----a home for Feminists, Marxists, post--modernists, Saidians, Foucauldians, Gramscians, the Subaltern, post-colonial theorists, post--positivists, and other criticalists who study the Middle East. We broadly define the region to include Southwest, South and South East Asia as well as North Africa, and we take liberal exception to that definition. It is an open (we will publish work that is critical of La Formoisie) forum. And this forum is global. By connecting with scholars in the region, we attempt to turn theory into praxis.


The site's name derives from Marxist thought. La Formoisie is an exploitative class, not unlike the bourgeoisie except with a higher level of education. It is the intelligentsia or the cultural vanguard that protects the "super structure," ironically often by being critical of it. We are to the super structure what the bourgeoisie is to the base/structure. We like irony: we are academics----la formoisie----with a blog to reproduce hegemony. 


With that knowledge, we are trying to act reflexively. In the Mideast Studies subfield of political science in which power toward another region is exercised daily, we aim not so much to provide "diverse" perspectives, but rather a forum for scholars seeking to dismantle hegemonic, Western, white and male structures of power. In that way, we are committed to the decolonization of education and thought. 

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