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In Marxist thinking, La Formoisie is an exploitative class, not unlike the bourgeoisie except in its level of education. We take it as a sort of intelligentsia, and blend it cultural Marxist thinking like that of famed Italian thinker Antonio Gramsci to give our website an ironic title: we are la formoisie. We aim to change our behavior within that position of power that we occupy--by connecting with scholars across the world with the single aim of producing and opening a forum for emancipatory, critical scholarship related to the Middle East.

That's why we're here. We believe it is our duty as highly educated "Orientalists," as some might call us, to connect with Middle Eastern scholars of the Middle East who are interested in critical analysis of power in the Region. When so much scholarly analysis focuses on disciplining Middle Eastern inhabitants. For instance, rather than make arguments about how to "prevent radicalization" within exploitative structures, we rather prefer to understand the exploitative structures prior to determining the causes of the backlash. In other words, the backlash is agentic pushback to structural dilemmas.

On that note, we welcome you to the site and wish to provide you with a list of works we might publish.

We will publish short (100-150 words) notes on current events and responses to them. We will publish lengthier (1000-2000 words) essays on the Region. We especially welcome analyses that take issues of labor and class seriously. Please feel free to submit pictures and videos if you have them.

We also welcome reviews of recent publications in feminism, Marxism (of all varieties), Foucauldian analyses, Frankfurt School constructivists, and other works with a critical bent. We also welcome critiques of books and articles published outside the aforementioned stream of thinking.

All submissions are subject to internal review, but should be published within a week of submission. We strive to get your ideas into this intellectual forum as quickly as possible.

Finally, we aim to connect thinkers from the Region to those outside the Region, all of whom are committed to emancipatory goals in their scholarship. Please feel free to drop us a line so that we may try to connect you to scholars in the Middle East if you're planning a research trip there. And, if you do network, feel free to co-author something for our blog!

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