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Arguments and commentary take priority. Every post will be reviewed thoroughly and possibly edited to suit the blog. We are not looking for extensive footnotes or citations. We want an open forum for ideas, no matter the length at which those ideas arrive and therefore impose no character or word "limit," but a target of 2,000 words is ideal. Posts as short as 50 words will be accepted----as "thoughts" of the day. We will also publish reviews of academic and select non-academic works, as well as films and the fine arts. We will also publish images from the Middle East and enter them in our "Image of the Month" contest. should be high resolution and should be from your fieldwork in or trips to the region. If you think your photo is exceptional, then please include a brief note arguing why we should break that rule (e.g., the photo is ME--related, but was not taken in the region). All images should be accompanied by a 25--word caption.

After submitting for the first time, you will be contacted for a photo and a 30--word bio. If you wish to become a weekly or daily contributor with your own column, click here.

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